A little patience was all that was needed to turn around Bo Bichette

Maverick Mitchell
May 26, 2024  (6:19 PM)

Bo Bichette taking the field at Rogers Centre.
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Former 2X All-Star SS Bo Bichette has proven that it is a long season and all that was needed was a little patience. He has been hot at the plate in these last stretch of games for the Toronto Blue Jays.

'Long season': Bo's diligence paying off with hot stretch

The Blue Jays have the last 4 out of 5 games and Bo has been a major contributing factor to their success. In the last 14 games, Bichette is hitting .389 with two long balls and 9 runs batted in.
Bo Bichette in his last ten games has been UNSTOPPABLE for the #bluejays

Over that stretch he's batting .405 getting on base 46% of the time and has an OPS of 1.058 🔥

Bo Bo go Boom Boom is BACK

With a massive slow start to the season, his recent turn around at the plate has raised his batting average from .189 to .249.
"Yeah, long season," he said. "Long season."

How did he cope with the dry spell?

"I don't think anybody handles not playing well 'good,'" said Bichette. "But at the end of the day, I've been through long periods of not being myself. And I've come out of it every time. So, it really just came down to: ‘Do I believe in myself or do I not?' If I do, then I keep working until it comes. When it comes, don't feel you've got it figured out, and keep on coming." - Bichette

Baseball is a game of failure and confidence, and sometimes all it takes is patience, adjustments and self belief.
"I think I've always naturally had a confidence," said Bichette, who carries himself with a quiet kind of swagger. "It comes from the work. I put in a lot of hours [into] every part of the game -- mentally and physically. I just know that stuff is going to show up at some point."

Fans can let out a sigh of relief now, as it seems he is back to his old self.
Source: MLB.com - 'Long season': Bo's diligence paying off with hot stretch
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A little patience was all that was needed to turn around Bo Bichette

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