An Initial Assessment of the Toronto Blue Jays' sluggers

Finnegan Frost
April 19, 2024  (6:03 PM)

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How are the Jays doing so far in hitting?

Well, as expected, numerous MLB observers voiced discontentment with the Jays sluggers and management. In terms of hitting performance, this season has been quite turbulent and unpredictable. Good hitting in baseball is crucial because it determines how many runs a team can score. The more runs a team scores, the better chance they have of winning games. (Duh)
The story so far:
Following a sluggish start, Toronto's hitters have exceeded the MLB average, boasting a 106 wRC+ that ranks as the 6th highest in the American League. Despite this, their below-average performance in Runners in Scoring Position (RISP) situations has placed Blue Jays' batters outside the top 20 in run production. However, it's important to exercise caution in drawing final conclusions regarding RISP results at this stage, given the in-season randomness of RISP wRC+ numbers and the limited sample size available.
Following the games played on April 17, Toronto's 106 wRC+ is tied for the 10th highest in MLB. Within the American League, the Blue Jays' wRC+ ranks as the 6th best. Notably, during the recent nine-game homestand, Toronto boasted a 125 wRC+, marking the 5th best score in MLB and the 4th highest in the American League. Despite some negative commentary on social media and elsewhere, Toronto's 106 wRC+ stands above average and does not reflect the dire situation some have portrayed it to be.
However, Toronto's run-scoring performance falls behind the MLB average of 4.47 runs per game, with the Blue Jays posting 3.84 runs per game, ranking 21st in MLB. Additionally, in Runners in Scoring Position (RISP) situations, Blue Jays batters have produced an 87 wRC+, placing 22nd in MLB.
Toronto's batters occupying the #1 to #3 slots, as well as the #7 to #9 slots, have surpassed the MLB average. Notably, Bo Bichette has struggled at the top of the order, registering a 90 wRC+. However, in the #4 to #6 spots, Blue Jays' batters are falling short of the MLB average. Alejandro Kirk's 5 wRC+ in the following grouping is particularly concerning. Additionally, Daulton Varsho (38 wRC+ in 24 plate appearances) and Davis Schneider(58 wRC+ in 32 plate appearances) have underperformed in the middle of the order.
In conclusion:
The Toronto Blue Jays are in need of an improvement in their hitting performance to bolster their competitiveness in the league. Despite showing flashes of offensive prowess, inconsistencies in their hitting have hindered their ability to consistently generate runs and secure victories. With a lineup boasting notable talent, including rising stars and seasoned veterans, the Blue Jays have the potential to be a formidable offensive force in Major League Baseball. However, their struggles in key situations, such as Runners in Scoring Position (RISP), have underscored the urgency for improvement. By enhancing their hitting proficiency, the Blue Jays can provide greater run support for their pitching staff, increase their chances of winning close games, and position themselves as serious contenders in their pursuit of postseason success.
Source: Blue Jays Nation
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An Initial Assessment of the Toronto Blue Jays' sluggers

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