Blue Jays pitchers Erik Swanson and Jordan Romano most likely placed on injured list as season begins

Alamo Taylor
March 25, 2024  (7:10 PM)

Blue Jays Pitcher Erik Swanson
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Relief pitcher Erik Swanson and closer Jordan Romano won't be playing at the start of the season due to injuries.

The Toronto Blue Jays face an unexpected hurdle at the outset of the season, with key pitchers Erik Swanson and Jordan Romano most likely starting on the injured list. Swanson, acquired for his sharp pitching skills and versatility, was anticipated to play a crucial role in the bullpen. His absence early in the season forces the Blue Jays to rethink their relief strategy, potentially leaning on less experienced arms to bridge the late innings.
The Toronto Blue Jays are facing the start of the season without key relievers Jordan Romano and Erik Swanson, both dealing with arm injuries. With limited time for recovery, Romano and Swanson may start on the injured list due to elbow

Jordan Romano's situation adds to the team's concerns. As the team's closer, his ability to shut down games in the final innings has been pivotal. Romano's knack for overpowering hitters with his fastball-slider combination has made him one of the most reliable closers in the league. His injury not only leaves a gap in the closer's role but also puts additional pressure on the bullpen to compensate for his absence.
For the Blue Jays, the injuries to Swanson and Romano test the depth and resilience of their pitching staff. While the team undoubtedly has talent, the early absence of two key pitchers will challenge the Blue Jays to adapt their strategies and find immediate, effective alternatives. How well the team can navigate this period could set the tone for their season, underscoring the importance of depth and adaptability in pursuit of postseason aspirations.
"Timing wise, it's not great right now," said manager John Schneider. "I think it's reasonable to say they're probably going to start on the IL, unless anything changes in the next 12 hours or so."
Although the Blue Jays manager has yet to announce with absolute certainty that the two players will not be participating in the start of Toronto's 2024 season, it is with confident speculation that they are both not physically ready for it. This means a transition period for the injured players to get back in good health and ready to pitch as soon as they can.
Should Kevin Gausman receive the green light to pitch in Monday's season opener, it's likely that Mitch White will be joining the action. However, the Blue Jays could opt to fill one of those slots with another long reliever, adjusting their strategy accordingly. One question on everyone's mind is; How will the Blue Jays handle these series of unfortunate events?
source: Blue Jays expect two key relievers to start the season on the IL
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Blue Jays pitchers Erik Swanson and Jordan Romano most likely placed on injured list as season begins

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