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Blue Jays star trio: Who is the most concerning?

Published April 28, 2024 at 5:12 PM

In a series that has quickly turned into a nightmare for the Toronto Blue Jays, the dominance of the LA Dodgers has left fans and analysts alike scratching their heads. The Dodgers have steamrolled their way to victory, leaving the Blue Jays' star hitters struggling to find their rhythm at the plate.

With the spotlight firmly on the Blue Jays' trio of star batters, the question arises: who among them is causing the most concern? Let's delve into the numbers to dissect their performances thus far.

George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Bo Bichette, touted as the pillars of the Blue Jays' offense, have collectively faltered under the pressure of the Dodgers' formidable pitching staff. Springer, despite flashes of brilliance, boasts a batting average of .228, an on-base percentage of .670, and has managed to launch only three home runs. Guerrero Jr., heralded as one of the game's brightest young talents, has struggled to find his groove, with a batting average of .208 and an OPS of .647, also tallying three home runs. Bichette, known for his versatility and clutch hitting, has similarly underwhelmed with a batting average of .208, an OPS of .571, and just one home run to his name.

Among the trio, Guerrero Jr.'s performance has sparked the most concern, with whispers circulating about his coachability and receptiveness to guidance. For a team with aspirations of contending, the lackluster performances of their star hitters are cause for alarm. The Blue Jays cannot afford to rely solely on their pitching staff to carry them through the season.

As the losses mount and the pressure intensifies, the spotlight will only grow brighter on Springer, Guerrero Jr., and Bichette to deliver the results expected of them. For the Blue Jays to salvage their season and mount a serious challenge in the standings, a dramatic turnaround from their star trio is imperative.

As Blue Jays fans anxiously await a resurgence from their beloved team, the question remains: Which of their star hitters will step up to the plate and lead the charge? Only time will tell as the season unfolds.
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Blue Jays star trio: Who is the most concerning?

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