Bo Bichette at bat for the Toronto Blue Jays.
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Could there be a silver lining to Bo Bichette's batting struggles?

Published May 6, 2024 at 7:50 PM

Bo Bichette is not playing up to his standard after 32 games this season for the Toronto Blue Jays. But his attitude and willingness to do what ever it takes for the team shows more about his character than anything. The analytics show that he is not far off from turning things around as well.

After getting dropped to 5th in the order Bo Bichette had this to say:

"If that's what we think is the best option for us to start scoring runs, then I'm willing to do whatever, we've gotta get going. And I haven't done much to contribute. So, whatever they want. I haven't done anything, really, to produce. And we've struggled as a team. So, I think it's the right time to switch things up. And if I've got to be the one who goes down, then that's fine."

There might not be any reason for panic though as the analytics show that are a major positives in his approach and swing. Bichette's quality of contact, average exit velocity and hard-hit rate has lowered only slightly.

Bichette is constantly tweaking his approach to overcome his batting struggles. Occasionally, he ditches his two-strike strategy, opting for his usual leg kick for better contact. Take, for instance, his crucial triple against Singer, a standout hit this season, which occurred on a 2-2 count. Keep an eye on his front leg during these pivotal moments. A lot of help has come from working on his swing with his dad and former MLB star Dante Bichette.

«I've felt good for probably about four or five games now, Just no results. But it is what it is."

Since last Monday's series against the Kansas City Royals, Bichette has swung at just 50% of pitches thrown to him. Notably, his chase rate stands at 27.6%, lower than his career average of 37%.

In summary, Bichette has been selectively swinging at pitches he can't do damage with, while attacking the ones he can hit well. He's been making contact at high speeds, adhering to the ideal process for any struggling hitter—focusing on the approach regardless of immediate results.

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Could there be a silver lining to Bo Bichette's batting struggles?

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