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Davis Schneider's iconic moustache was inspired by Top Gun

Published May 10, 2024 at 6:09 PM

Davis Schneider drew inspiration for his iconic mustache from the 80's retro style, specifically from Miles Teller's character "Rooster" in the iconic movie Top Gun.

After struggling with his performance in the minors, Schneider decided to grow a moustache and see if it would make a difference. Since being called up from the AAA Bisons last year, Schneider's mustache has become a fan favorite, with some even believing it possesses mystical powers. His performance on the field has been impressive, even setting an MLB record with 9 hits and 2 home runs in his first three games as a Blue Jay. The idea to grow a moustache originated during his time in the minors, when Schneider was not playing well and hoped a change in appearance might bring about a change in luck - a decision that ultimately transformed his game.

Schneider commented on his motive to grow the moustache in a recent interview:

"I wasn't hitting well at the time. I had a beard. So I said ‘Might as well get a moustache and see where it takes me. As of now, it has probably been my best attribute. I think its the reason why I'm hitting and playing well. Wearing a moustache out there — I think it has built a confidence in me," said Schneider.

I believe it is safe to declare that the enduring mustache is here for the long haul. Davis Schneider has captured the affection of Canadian baseball fans and enthusiasts worldwide. The amusing backstory behind his moustache appears to be one of the crucial reasons why he maintains his exceptional performance on the field.

source: globalnews.ca
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Davis Schneider's iconic moustache was inspired by Top Gun

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