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Davis Schneider misses out on ROY eligibility due to awful MLB rule

Published May 15, 2024 at 10:31

The Blue Jays rookie Davis Schneider is apparently not eligible for a rookie of the year nomination this season as it turns out last year was his rookie season due to strange MLB rule.

In the MLB, if a player has 130 at bats or less he is still considered a rookie the following season. During the 2023 season, Schneider had 116 at bats which fell under the 130 at bat limit.

Unfortunately, Schneider lost his eligibility due to be breaking the rule of being on an MLB roster for more than 45 days as an active player. Schneider's contract began on August 4th last season going until the end of the season which surpassed the limit.

Nonetheless, MLB also stipulates less than 45 active days on a Major League roster for rookie eligibility. According to, Schneider's contract with the Blue Jays, which started on August 4 and extended through the season's end, surpassed this 45-day limit, rendering him ineligible for future rookie recognition.

Even though Schneider has been playing very well for the Blue Jays so far this season, he was not necessarily a favorite to win Rookie of the Year but it is still unfortunate that he is not even eligible due to breaking such a specific rule.

Source: Fan recap: Davis Schneider Misses Rookie of the Year Eligibility Due to MLB Rules Twist
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Davis Schneider misses out on ROY eligibility due to awful MLB rule

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