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Fans are pissed with Schneider awful decision once again

Published May 12, 2024 at 5:13 PM

The Blue Jays manager John Schneider decided to make an awful decision once again as he decided to alter the lineup after a great game yesterday which brought Daniel Vogelbach back into the lineup while also altering the lineup.

Schneider decided to change things up after an incredible win yesterday by putting a struggling George Springer back at lead off and bringing Bichette up in the lineup from 6th to 4th.

Both decision did not go well as the Jays struggled at the plate only bringing in 1 run and Springer finished the day 0 for 4.

The main decision that has been pissing off the fans is deciding to put Daniel Vogelbach back in the lineup.

F*ck this team. F*ck every single coach and front office member. Not only is Schneider dropped to 5th, but Jansen is benched in place of DANIEL VOGELBACH. This is why this team is dogshit and doesn't deserve shit.

Not only did Schneider put Vogelbach in but decided to sit their best hitter this season, Danny Jansen. To top that, he moved Davis Schneider down the lineup after a great performance at leadoff yesterday going 3 for 4.

It is understandable why fans are so pissed at Schneider because none of his decisions seem to make sense even if you try to figure out his reasoning, it never adds up.
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Fans are pissed with Schneider awful decision once again

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