Toronto Blue Jays Closer Jordan Romano.
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Jordan Romano offers advice to Brandon Barriera amidst major Injury.

Published May 3, 2024 at 6:58

Leadership at its finest: Jordan Romano is all too familiar with Barriera's journey ahead following his Tommy John surgery early in his career. He offers some advice to the youngster after their path's collide at the Toronto Blue Jays training center.

Brandon Barriera's injury, along with those to fellow pitching prospects Ricky Tiedemann and Landen Maroudis cast a bit of a cloud over the minor-league season's start for the Blue Jays.

Jays Closer Jordan Romano encountered Brandon Barriera at the Toronto Blue Jays' Player Development Complex the day after the left-handed prospect injured his elbow. The two-time All-Star closer empathized with what he will have to deal with in the next coming year.

Like Brandon Barriera, Romano also experienced an elbow injury early in his professional career. He underwent Tommy John surgery in the spring of 2015, just months after being drafted in the 10th round out of Canada. He gave some insight to the young prospect.

When you're first starting out, you have all these dreams, like we're going to go low-A, high-A, have great years, just keep climbing the ladder – you really don't even think about a big injury at that point, that's not built into your timeline. So when it happened to me, it was a huge shock. I was feeling great in spring, elbow never hurt in my life and then one pitch, you're on the operating table the next week. There's no way around it, it's tough. It's a year long, there a lot of times going into the facility just to rehab, you're not even throwing yet, you'll think, like, is it worth it, is this what I signed up for?

In the coming months of recovery, he will need to be patient and keeps high moral high. Romano is a great example of pitchers who underwent surgery at a young age and still became highly successful at the Major League level.

Rather than giving profound advice, the seasoned right-hander opted to lend a supportive ear to Barriera, providing encouragement, a thing he frequently employs with other injured teammates.

"I like letting guys know it's not going to be easy,» says Romano, «but it'll be good in the end.»

Source: Sportsnet - Blue Jays farm report: Romano knows Barriera's path after early career elbow surgery
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Jordan Romano offers advice to Brandon Barriera amidst major Injury.

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