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The Blue Jays rank dead last in the MLB in this stat

Published May 15, 2024 at 4:16 PM

A concerning statistic has emerged, shedding light on the Toronto Blue Jays' offensive struggles this season.

According to multiple sources, the Blue Jays have the slowest average bat speed in all of Major League Baseball, clocking in at under 70 miles per hour.

This alarming revelation could be a major contributing factor to the team's recent offensive woes, as they currently rank near the bottom of the league in several offensive categories. The Blue Jays' inability to generate consistent bat speed has undoubtedly hindered their ability to drive the ball with authority, resulting in a lack of power and run production.

The team's struggles are further compounded by the fact that veteran slugger Justin Turner, who was brought in to bolster the lineup, has the fourth-slowest bat speed in the majors.Turner's underwhelming bat speed of 65.4 MPH has been a significant drag on the team's overall average, highlighting the need for an offensive resurgence from the Blue Jays' core hitters.

To have any chance of turning their season around and making a push for the playoffs, the Blue Jays must find a way to increase their bat speed and generate more consistent hard contact. This could involve adjustments to their approach at the plate, incorporating more explosive swing mechanics, or even potential roster moves to inject more power into the lineup.

source: thestar.com
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The Blue Jays rank dead last in the MLB in this stat

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