Vladdy Guererro Jr in the Blue Jays alternate on Mother's day.
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Who needs homeruns when you hit this well!?

Published May 13, 2024 at 3:49 PM

The production from Vlad Guerrero Jr may not be exactly what he wants and what fans want, but he has turned things around at the plate. He may not be hitting a lot of home runs, but sure is hitting a lot and boosting his Batting AVG quietly.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - who is hitting .422 over the last two weeks - does a cartwheel just for the vibes. 🤸‍♂️

As stated above he hasn't been hitting moonshots like we are used too, but he sure is hitting the ball hard while collecting many hits.

Since his error in Kansas City on April 23, Vladimir Guerrero Jr has the most base hits in the league over 110 MPH EV.

Guerrero Jr 10 Hits
Soto 6
Ohtani 4
Judge 4

At his lowest point, Vladdy was hitting just .206/.319/.324 with a .643 OPS. Now, Guerrero Jr in his last 11 games has recorded hits in all but one game, where he still r. With a total of 16 hits managed to draw a walk. In those 44 at-bats, he boasts an impressive .364 batting average.

His stats have improved greatly to .253/.347/.377, with a 724 OPS. While he's quietly making progress at the plate, he's not fully back to form.

This is the improvement that fans have waited for all season, it may not be perfect and he won't be named MVP, but if the power stars coming with his hot bat, it will sure lead to more wins for the Jays.
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Who needs homeruns when you hit this well!?

Will Vlad hit 25 Home Runs this season?

Yes9244.7 %
No11455.3 %
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