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A harassment lawsuit has been filed against a Blue Jays office manager

Published May 7, 2024 at 4:08 PM

A lawsuit has been filed against an office manager of the Dunedin Blue Jays after multiple accounts of harassment and inappropriate behavior was targeted toward Andy Stein, the Clubhouse Manager. This took place in the facility of the Single-A Minor League affiliate of Toronto.

The lawsuit was filed by a former clubhouse manager of the Dunedin Blue Jays, a minor league team affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays

For his whole life, Andy Stein, the Clubhouse Manager of the Single-A affiliate has always wanted a job with a professional baseball team, and he finally got his dream job.

"An opportunity was available with the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and I jumped on it,» Stein said. «It was seemingly a perfect fit. I was the go-to guy, whatever the players needed — the coaches needed,» - Stein

His whole life changed after multiple accounts of unprofessional misconduct and poor behavior was released and a lawsuit was filed by him against a Dunedin
Office Manager.

«subjected to unwelcome and pervasive sexual harassment» from a front office manager.

The recent lawsuit filed on May 3, Stein alleges that the male manager made inappropriate comments and intimate/physical advances that went beyond "locker room talk" and constituted harassment. As a result, Andy Stein refused and was fired by the very same individual who allegedly committed these actions.

«He wants to continue working in the Major Leagues. He wants to make sure that no one else suffers this sexual misconduct in the workplace, and really, that's the main focus of the case,»

Source: ABC Action News - New lawsuit claims sexual harassment in local baseball team's clubhouse
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A harassment lawsuit has been filed against a Blue Jays office manager

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