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Alejandro Kirk: The biggest strike thief in baseball

Published April 20, 2024 at 6:01 PM

Due to Alejandro Kirk's uncommonly heavy five-foot-eight, 265-pound frame, it's tempting to draw assumptions about his limitations on the field.

Alejandro Kirk, a right-handed hitting catcher, remains a youthful 25-year-old, boasting three full seasons with the Jays. His impressive tally of 331 games before reaching his age-25 season stands as a notable achievement, particularly noteworthy for a catcher, but he's impressing MLB fans around the league right now for a very special reason.

Recently, Alejandro Kirk has captured attention on social media for his exceptional talent in pitch framing. MLB enthusiasts have gone as far as dubbing the young catcher the biggest "strike thief" in baseball at present.

Despite Alejandro Kirk's perceived shortcomings at the plate and his struggles in controlling the run game, his prowess as a backstop has overshadowed any criticisms of his overall performance among Jays fans. Kirk's remarkable ability to frame pitches is exemplified by his astounding statistic of earning called strikes on 51.1% of pitches taken within one ball's length of the strike zone—a truly remarkable feat.

In a volatile early season for the Blue Jays, Kirk's exceptional pitch framing stands out as a consistent factor. His unparalleled skill in this aspect of the game sets him apart from his peers and underscores his value to the team.

If Kirk can maintain his exceptional performance behind the plate consistently, it undoubtedly provides the Blue Jays with a solid chance to ascend the ranks in the competitive AL East standings.

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Alejandro Kirk: The biggest strike thief in baseball

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