Bo Bichette, Vlad Guerrero Jr. and George Springer for the Blue Jays.
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Fans are pissed! How much patience is too much for these 3 Blue Jays

Published April 29, 2024 at 7:28 PM

George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Bo Bichette, three key players and stars for the Blue Jays, are experiencing sluggish starts to the season. While the team anticipated some adjustments to their approach, the simultaneous struggle of all three has posed a significant challenge for the team and fans.

Blue Jays practicing patience with these 3 key players

"Fan Favorite"... Manager John Schneider aims for patience as he observes these hitters. He anticipates their resurgence. He relies on these three to spearhead the team's performance. But.. the question is, how much patience is too much? He is the manager and it seems like his attitude is to sit back and "observe", not make any real concrete actions.

Schneider had this to say.

"That would be the best possible outcome, then you keep guys where they are in the middle and the bottom, doing their thing, It's a matter of time, really. I know people talk about it. I'm not going to move them. They're going to be pitched the same way. They're our three best hitters."

- George Springer (.228 AVG, .678 OPS)
- Bo Bichette (.208 AVG, .571 OPS)
- Vlad Guerrero Jr. (.208 AVG, .647 OPS)

Springer has shown glimpses of his potential, yet he hasn't maintained the momentum from his impressive Spring Training. As the leadoff man, his performance sets the tone, making it crucial for him to initiate this turnaround.

As the amazing 2021 season fades into the distance, Guerrero's exceptional talent remains intact, but consistency is key. Unfortunately, over the past few seasons, he hasn't quite reached that level consistently that he is supposed to live up too.

The Jays are desperate for them to turn things around, but fans are getting sick and tired of being patient. Additionally, it doesn't help when Jays Manager John Schneider is focusing on this type of attitude. We do not need patience, we want results.

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Fans are pissed! How much patience is too much for these 3 Blue Jays

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