How Blue Jays' George Springer Revolutionized Varsho's Swing Path

Maverick Mitchell
April 20, 2024  (7:09)

Varsho and Springer running in from the outfield.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

In his past nine games, starting from the Toronto Blue Jays' home opener, Daulton Varsho has batted .320 with a .370 on-base percentage and a .840 slugging percentage, including a double and four home runs. George Springer has helped him greatly with his approach.

Varsho's recent success, as often seen, is closely tied to his selective approach to the plate. During the homestand, he consistently focused on pitches in the middle-in area from belt to knee, where he excels the most.
Varsho said this:
"Basically, I wasn't squaring up my pitch. I was just missing it.» - Varsho

George Springer, a close friend of Varsho's and neighboring locker mate in Toronto's clubhouse, provided the solution. Having witnessed Varsho's struggles and swing inefficiencies in the past, Springer shared his observations during a flight from New York to Toronto.
Varsho's bat angle led to pop-ups instead of line drives, a concern Springer addressed. He warned against over-correction, recalling Varsho's mental struggles in a similar situation last season. Springer encouraged Varsho to trust his process and adjust his bat path, assuring him that consistency would lead to improvement.
«I know Daulton very well. And I know how bad he wants to succeed,» Springer says. «So, we had a good talk about baseball on the plane. It's about understanding the situation, developing a plan, and having the confidence to stick to it.» - Springer

In 2024, Varsho committed to maintaining his approach despite challenges, avoiding the temptation to make hasty adjustments. His early-season performance illustrates his newfound resolve, demonstrating the effectiveness of his steadfast approach.
If he keeps his zone narrow, Varsho will keep getting pitches to hit. Then it's just up to him to execute his swing. That's the message Springer hoped to leave him with on that flight from New York.
"Daulton's a very good hitter, he's a very smart kid. He knows how to navigate the strike zone, so, for me, that chat on the plane was just kind of being there for him. If I think I need to talk to him, I'll have that talk with him. But he knows what he has to do to be successful. And you're starting to see it play out for him over these last few games.» - Springer

It seems like this relationship is a great one. As fans, we hope springer continues to monitor Varsho's plate appearances and help him grow as a hitter.
Source: Sportsnet - How Blue Jays' Springer helped Varsho improve swing path
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How Blue Jays' George Springer Revolutionized Varsho's Swing Path

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