Vlad Guerrero Jr gets called out on the Bob & Barker Show
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Is Vlad Guerrero Jr. Uncoachable? MLB media is calling him out

Published April 26, 2024 at 1:48 PM

On the Blair & Barker Show, Jeff Blair and Kevin Barker engage in another heated exchange, this time focusing on Vlad Guerrero Jr.'s batting struggles. What will it take for him to find his swing again?

Jeff Blair has some choice words for the "slugging" first baseman, stating that he may be too stubborn in his approach at the plate.

"They've had just about everybody but Jesus try to teach him (Vlad) how to hit and it hasn't worked" - Blair

They say perhaps that he is coachable, that clearly his approach and timing at the plate isn't working. The reality is, every player has their struggles, baseball is a game of failure, it just seems to be that Vladdy finds himself in consistency troubles more often than not. He is great for a few games, then struggles and is victim to a lot of swing in misses for a couple weeks.

Is he (Vlad) Uncoachable?

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Guerrero Jr.'s statistics have declined over the past two seasons, inviting increased criticism from fans. While there was optimism for a rebound in 2024, his performance in the first 25 games of the season have not met expectations.

Guerrero Jr. is hitting a lowly .219 to start the season, with an OBP of only .330. He has also managed just nine RBIs, putting him on pace for 58 this season.

It's safe to say that Blue Jays fans and Toronto Media are far from pleased with Guerrero Jr.'s recent performance.

Source: Sportsnet - Is Guerrero Jr. too stubborn at the plate?
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Is Vlad Guerrero Jr. Uncoachable? MLB media is calling him out

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