Justin Turner and Vladdy Celebrating a Home Run.
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Justin Turner is showcasing his leadership by uniting the Blue Jays

Published May 4, 2024 at 4:35 PM

Justin Turner has clearly been the Blue Jays most impactful and consistent hitter this season, but he brings way more to the team off the field in terms of leadership and World Series experience that benefits the Toronto Blue Jays Clubhouse immensely.

During a sunny day in mid-April, a group of four Blue Jays players enjoyed a day off for some team bonding. They were eager to play a round of golf at Torrey Pines in San Diego.

Hitting the links @torreypinesgolf with the boys!!! ⛳️

Plenty of money was at stake during the round, though no one disclosed the amount, and they added excitement with long-drive contests and putting challenges throughout the six-hour game. Clement, a scratch golfer, emerged as the victor, taking everyone's winnings easily.

But the main attraction of course was the smiley and leader Justin Turner who provided entertainment, chirps and an overall good time.

He's a glue guy, a leader and a quiet comedian. He's a caretaker of the game, humbled by a meandering career that began as a 29th-round pick of the Yankees in 2005, then a waiver pickup in Baltimore and a stop with the Mets before he blossomed into a two-time all-star and World Series champion in nine seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers. And now Turner has arrived in Toronto with a distinct leadership style rooted in intimate one-on-one relationships.

When his former manager Dave Roberts was asked about his leadership skills and character he said this:

He's one of the smartest baseball guys I've ever been around. He gets it. That's probably the biggest compliment I can give. He gets it Everything he does is professional. I consider him a friend.» - Roberts

This year, Turner has mentored Schneider, with the 25-year-old absorbing hitting advice during spring training sessions under the Florida sun. Turner also provides a calming presence, helping to manage the intense emotions that young hitters often experience as they strive to succeed in the league.

«He makes everything just seem so simple,» Schneider said, citing Turner's advice to always lean into your strengths. «And I feel like you kind of need that in baseball.» - Davis Schneider

The duo shared laughs over their sluggish start at Torrey Pines, spending the afternoon reading greens for each other and celebrating their successful shots with with great excitement. The day went so well that Turner intends to organize a larger golf tournament soon, this time sponsored by his foundation.

The Jays Clubhouse is very lucky to have him as a leader and fiend that provides a calming and playful environment. It helps that he is also killing it with the bat this season.

Source: Toronto Star - The Justin Turner effect: How the Blue Jays veteran is bringing another MLB clubhouse together
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Justin Turner is showcasing his leadership by uniting the Blue Jays

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