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The Blue Jays sit dead last in crucial statistic

Published May 3, 2024 at 9:30

The Blue Jays offense has been abysmal this year and the statistics prove it as they currently sit in dead last across the entire league with runners in scoring positions.

The team's stars such as Guerrero, Bichette and Springer have been off to a bad start to the season and it is showing. The Jays as a whole have a batting average of .192 and an OPS of .556 in scoring opportunities.

The #bluejays are currently ranked LAST in the MLB with runners in scoring position

They are collectively batting .192 with an OPS of .556 in scoring opportunities 😩

Lots of time left in the season, but this simply needs to get better

There is still of plenty of time left in the season as we are only at the beginning of May but the way things look, fans will be happy if they see a few wins this season, let alone a chance at winning a title.

Clearly something needs to change but what will make the Blue Jays get out of this massive slump, if anything?
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The Blue Jays sit dead last in crucial statistic

Will the Blue Jays turn their offense around?

Yes7842.2 %
No10757.8 %
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