Spencer Horowitz Playing for the Blue Jays Last season (2023).
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The Call-Up Debate: Is it Spencer Horowitz's Time?

Published April 27, 2024 at 4:30 PM

Toronto Blue Jays Prospect Spencer Horowitz is playing out of his mind for the Buffalo Bisons of Triple-A. With the current offensive struggles, the Jays need to make some changes, even if that's calling up some new talent and sitting some quiet bats.

Spencer Horowitz might hear his name be called fairly soon, he is putting up exceptional numbers in Triple-A and is just waiting for his shot back with the big club.

In 21 games this season he has a .355 AVG, an OBP of .505, 8 doubles and 14 RBI's.

.355 AVG
.505 OBP (!)
1.005 OPS
8 2B
14 RBI
23 BB

Many fans on twitter are calling for him to come back and show what he has for the Jays, some even making jokes that they should just start the Bisons and send down the Jays as a whole for assignment.

Can we just ship the Jays off to Buffalo and bring up the Bisons.😉

There are issues on the roster on who can he replace, but, with Horowitz's great speed and leadoff potential, he is making his case to Blue Jays management for a call up.
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The Call-Up Debate: Is it Spencer Horowitz's Time?

Should they consider bringing Horowitz back up?

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