The Jays should look to sign Trevor Bauer as he dominates in Mexico.

Maverick Mitchell
May 16, 2024  (7:46 PM)

Trevor Bauer pitching for the Diablos Rojos del México
Photo credit: Fox News

Since being falsely accused and suspended from the MLB, former Cy Young Winner Trevor Bauer has been trying to prove himself in Mexico that he still has what it takes to be dominant in the MLB.

Even though there are no restrictions for MLB clubs to sign him, no one is stepping up to the plate (pun intended). He is a former Cy Young Winner and has dominated in Japan and Mexico, but still, no takers. The Jays should really look at signing him as he even stated he's willing to "take league minimum and earn his money through incentives bonuses."
Blake Snell is going to get hundreds of millions of dollars on a multi-year deal. And he should. He deserves it. For a team that doesn't want to commit multi years, hundreds of millions of dollars, or many elite prospects for a Cy young award winner, they could sign me for league minimum and pay 0 incremental dollars over what they have to pay to that roster spot anyway. Just another option for teams that want to win and don't want to break the bank.

He has even taken to twitter to express his willingness to play for peanuts, and he states there is not a team in baseball right now that has a full staff of starters better than him.
"There is not a single MLB team out there that has three starters better than me. Let alone five. I'm cheaper than any of them since i am willing to play for league minimum." - Bauer

In Mexico (LMB) for the Diablos Rojos del México, he has a 1.50 ERA and 47 strikeouts in six starts. He is currently in his prime and has already won a Cy Young, so to be blackballed by owners for something he was never charged or arrested for, is insane.
The Toronto Blue Jays should really consider taking Bauer up on his league minimum offer as it wouldn't break the bank and he can prove himself as he desires. There is nothing to lose, and the Jays could use all the help right now.
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The Jays should look to sign Trevor Bauer as he dominates in Mexico.

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