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Do the Blue Jays miss having Anthopoulos as GM?

Published April 28, 2024 at 1:05 PM

The absence of former Blue Jays General Manager, Alex Anthopoulos, is keenly felt among Blue Jays fans, with many expressing nostalgia for his successful tenure. Reports circulating on X (formerly known as Twitter) highlight Anthopoulos's remarkable track record, having steered the team to postseason glory every year since 2015, marking a period of unprecedented success.

During his tenure, Anthopoulos masterminded divisional titles in each of those postseason-bound years, showcasing a knack for assembling winning rosters. Though his final season in 2021 ended with a heartbreaking loss in the wildcard game, his legacy remains indelible. In contrast, his successor, Ross Atkins, has struggled to replicate the same level of achievement since assuming the role in 2015.

While Atkins has made notable moves to bolster the Jays' lineup, the team's overall success pales in comparison to Anthopoulos's era of dominance. Anthopoulos's pivotal role in guiding the Jays through their unforgettable 2015 ALDS victory over the Texas Rangers further underscores his managerial prowess.

With murmurs growing louder about Atkins's future in the front office, questions arise about the sustainability of the team's current trajectory. A stark comparison between the two managers only amplifies the sentiment that time may be running out for Atkins in his current capacity. The Blue Jays organization may soon be forced to explore alternative leadership if the team fails to reverse its downward trend.

Notably, a recent poll evaluating the top 40 executives in baseball failed to mention Atkins, adding weight to the argument that he may no longer be the ideal fit for the role of Blue Jays General Manager. As speculation mounts and pressure mounts, the organization faces a critical juncture in its quest for sustained success.
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Do the Blue Jays miss having Anthopoulos as GM?

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