Vlad Guerrero Jr. upset after another loss.
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John Schneider has new words for fans after being called out this week

Published May 5, 2024 at 3:03 PM

For the past five weeks, echoes of 2023 catchphrases have filled the air as manager John Schneider and the Blue Jays tried to explain their sluggish offense. Phrases like "This will turn around soon," "It's going to come," and "It's just a matter of time" have been repeated over and over again. However, the time for patience is now over. Fans are calling for a change.

'The time is now:' Urgency mounts after another tough loss

The Blue Jays score just 3.45 runs per game, third-lowest in MLB behind only the A's and the White Sox. This puts pressure on their whole pitching staff to be lights out every night. With tight one-run games and no margin for error, it holds true that it is not sustainable for a winning season.

It seems that John Schneider has gotten the message that patience is no longer an option after fans have been calling him out to make a change as they are sick of being patient. Yesterday he change his tone, stating that he needs to be better and make changes. Yeah. It is your job ...

«If there's a time to make adjustments, that's on me,» Schneider said. «Not waiting around for it to happen is very, very important. I think we fell into that last year a little bit with the guys that are still on this team and some guys who aren't here this year, saying, ‘It's going to happen, it's going to happen.' Well, it needs to happen. As a staff, there's things we're doing differently. We wouldn't be doing our job if we're just saying it's going to happen.» - Schneider

But as stated, it comes off hypocritical as he just stated a few days ago that, "It's going to come," and "It's just a matter of time".... Now he is saying that the time is now, that he takes responsibility and has to be better.

At 15-18, the Blue Jays are in need of solutions. While a lineup change seems obvious, the organization has been hesitant. George Springer's .205 batting average and .596 OPS from the leadoff spot are worrisome, especially with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette also struggling right behind him.

«Guys know that we're grinding right now. We're pressing a little bit,» Schneider said. «Whether it's the lineup [construction] or just performance, they've got to get it done.» - Schneider

Whatever is going to happen, there needs to be some major changes and results now as the season dwindles down.

Source: MLB.com - 'The time is now:' Urgency mounts after another tough loss
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John Schneider has new words for fans after being called out this week

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