Bo Bichette walking to the dugout after slamming helmet and being ejected.
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Bichette ejected and slams helmet after brutal called 3rd strike.

Published May 5, 2024 at 3:10 PM

Frustration is mounting for the Toronto Blue Jays but the emotion shown by Bo Bichette is a positive one to many. Bichette was ejected after being struck out on a called 3rd strike that was off the plate. It sparked anger out of the SS as he slammed his helmet and was ejected for his actions.

Bo Bichette's helmet slam was too much for this ump

This is the first time in the 26-year-old has been tossed in his MLB career. But the emotion showed is a good one, it means he wants to win, he cares about producing for his team, and with his recent struggles, his emotions must have just boiled over.

This also comes after being moved down the lineup to the 5th spot - which he agreed was the right move.

«I haven't done anything, really, to produce, and we've struggled as a team, so I think it's the right time to switch things up,» Bichette said. «If I have to be the one that goes down, then that's fine with me.»

Manager John Schneider has no issues with his players showing this type of emotion when the time calls for it.

«I thought it was a really good helmet toss for his first ejection,» Schneider said. «I thought it was a little early, to be honest with you. We've seen equipment violations before with ejections, and [Homeplate Umpire] Jonathan Parra's thought was that it was a bit much. Kind of tough to argue that. He holds himself to such a high standard,» Schneider said before the game. «He's frustrated. He hit the ball hard twice yesterday. I think he's really getting better. When he's getting his good swings off, he's going to be fine. It's hard when you're not getting the results you want." - Schneider

Bichette has been consistent his whole career, so this now found dry spell is raising emotions he is not used too. He stated that he is clearly frustrated but that comes with baseball.

«I wouldn't say it gets any easier,» Bichette said. «Obviously, you saw me today, there's frustration not just from my performance but how the team is performing, too. The only difference is that I'm not worried about it in the long term, but it doesn't get any easier day to day.»

Source: - Moved to No. 5 spot, Bichette willing to do 'whatever' to help offense
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