Blue Jays broadcast team makes comedy of errors during game vs. Astros

Axel Williams
April 3, 2024  (8:57)

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The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Houston Astros last night, however, a mistake from the Jays' broadcast team is starting to go viral on social media.

According to Awful Announcing, during the eighth inning, there was a confusing situation involving Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk. After catching a pop fly, the broadcast went to a commercial. At this time, there were Astros runners on first base and third base. Altuve on third, Tucker on first.
However, once the broadcast came back, Tucker was on second. That is when the Sportsnet crew attempted to show a replay of that and figure things out. Unfortunately, during that replay, another big play happened as Altuve was caught lingering, and Kirk picked him off to end the inning. It was a lot of confusion, and fans were left scratching their heads.
In the following inning, the Blue Jays would go on to win the game thanks to a two-run homer from Davis Schneider, according to Fox Sports. This comes after a horrendous performance against the Astros in which the Blue Jays lost 10-0.
You can watch the full sequence of events, down below. Additionally, you can catch the Sportsnet broadcast team in action again tonight. The Blue Jays take on the Astros at 8:10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can also stay tuned to Blue Jays Insider for the latest news and updates from around the baseball world.
"The end of the eighth inning in Tuesday's Blue Jays vs. Astros game was rough for the Sportsnet crew. Part 1: It starts innocently enough. With runners at first and third, Houston's Alex Bregman pops out to Toronto catcher, Alejandro Kirk."

"Part 2: When returning from commercial after the pitching change, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez realize that Kyle Tucker was on second base. While they did eventually figure it out, they did not know how Tucker got to second."

"Part 3: Eventually, they go to the replay to see how Tucker got to second base. Unfortunately, while they were showing the replay, Kirk picked José Altuve off of third base to end the inning."

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Blue Jays broadcast team makes comedy of errors during game vs. Astros

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