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Don Mattingly decides to get rid of his beard after Astros no-hitter

Published April 2, 2024 at 9:43 PM

Don Mattingly watched the Toronto Blue Jays give up a no-hitter to the Houston Astros on Monday, and it has prompted him to go out and shave his beard.

The Blue Jays offensive coordinator was not a happy man as his Blue Jays lost to the Houston Astros on Monday, 10-0. Overall, it was a bad game for the Blue Jays' bats. However, it was a phenomenal time for Astros pitcher Ronel Blanco, who was sensational. Once again, the Blue Jays bats came up short, and it is not like the pitching was that much better.

As reporter Hazel Mae revealed today, Mattingly explained that he needed to change his facial hair, seemingly for good luck. Only time will tell whether or not this actually ends up paying off for the bench manager.

"Don Mattingly has shaved off his beard.. 'gotta switch it up..'"

Offensive coordinator is actually a new role within the Blue Jays organization. While speaking to Sportsnet, Mattingly explained what he hopes to accomplish in this new gig.

"My role obviously involves the offence a lot more. Last year (I) kinda tinkered around, but we had different people in place that were doing the same thing. So, I wasn't really involved to the point I am now. Obviously, we didn't do what we were capable of last year, we didn't think and (we) just want to create more consistency out of our offense."

Tonight, the Blue Jays are in the midst of playing the Houston Astros. If you want to catch that game, it is on Sportsnet right now. You can also stay tuned to Blue Jays Insider for more news and updates from around the baseball world.
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Don Mattingly decides to get rid of his beard after Astros no-hitter

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