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Should the Blue jays look into trading Turner, Kikuchi and Bo?

Published May 12, 2024 at 5:46 PM

The Blue Jays have been in a major slump lately and some fans believe that making some big trades could possibly help their situation.

One fans mentioned on social media that the team should look at trading away Turner and Kikuchi right now as they would possibly get a very good return for both players. They also mentioned holding onto Bichette for a little longer in hopes he starts to play better then trade him at the deadline when he has more value.

This fan added that the Jays should also look at extending Guerrero Jr. and Jasen as they have been playing great ball lately.

Extend Vlad. Trade Kikuchi, Turner and any bullpen arm. Hope Bo starts hitting well enough to get real offers for him and if you get a really good one take it. Extend Jansen. Change the front office before the trade deadline. Simple. #BlueJays

It was also mentioned that Toronto should look at making some serious changes in their front office which most fans agree with.

Although this plan is far from reality, it is not completely bad as it would definitely shake things up and could bring some new life to the team even if it is only for next year.

This plan is a bit crazy but the Blue Jays will need something big if they plan on being an actual World Series contender in the near future.
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Should the Blue jays look into trading Turner, Kikuchi and Bo?

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